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Central heating

Wall radiators heating system

  • Various dimensions
  • Manual or automated control
  • Aluminum and steel radiators
  • Different heat capacities for different spaces areas
  • Room radiators and towel radiators
  • No need for extra height under finishing floor
  • Underfloor heating system

  • Automated control
  • Different space areas are controlled by changing pipes spacing
  • Don’t need wall space so it’s easier for interior designers
  • Room area is heated homogeneously.
  • Domestic Hot water

    Gas storage water heating

  • Used with circulation pump for plumbing systems with return line
  • Various capacities according to customer needs.
  • Wall mounted boilers

  • Used for systems without return line.
  • Extra monthly saving on gas consumption bill
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    Solar Water Heaters

  • Heaters with different capacities made in Greece
  • Electric heater as a backup
  • Optionally equipped with a coil which can be used for installing a gas backup especially if there is central heating boilers
  • Swimming Pool Heating

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  • A system of gas water heater with Plate-to-plate heat exchanger
  • Different capacities of boilers and plate-to-plate system
  • Can be selected with pumps according to the installation requirements