Advantages of Gas Water Heaters

Do you wonder how people managed to survive before the invention of the gas water heater system? We are lucky to live in a time where we have many options for different needs. Our life has been made a whole lot easier by being able to get warm water at the touch of a tap with the gas water heaters.

Several technologies can be used to heat water today, and we have seen many improvements systems since the traditional electric heaters systems of the past – like modern gas systems.

Water heaters system used to be very complex and large, but now thanks to advanced technology, everything is flexible and straightforward. Yet which system is best suited to your needs? This article will give you an overview of how gas water heaters systems work and the many advantages you and your family can gain from them.

1. Installing gas water heaters will give you access to more hot water

The first advantage is that the gas water heater system is known to be twice as fast as the electric water heater system when it comes to heating water systems. This is because the gas-powered heater system has a higher recovery rate (the amount of water that can be heated to a specific temperature in a particular period) than its electric counterpart. In addition, the higher hot water needs of larger families make them ideal systems for people with larger households.

2. Gas water heaters are more cost-efficient

The second advantage is that when you choose to go with a gas water heater hot water system over an electric water heater system, you can be assured of significant cost savings in the long run. There are several advantages to installing gas-fired hot water systems. They are very efficient, have little thermal resistance, and provide hot water at a very low cost.

3. Gas water heater will get you reliable hot water, even when there is an electricity outage

An advantage of gas water heaters systems over electric powered systems is that they can work without electricity, even in power outages. Therefore, you do not have to stress about facing icy-cold showers even during power outages since your entire water supply system will remain intact in the case of an outage.

4. Gas water heaters are better for the environment

Among the significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions from the average home is the water heating system.

The advantage of water heaters systems fueled by natural gas emit far fewer greenhouse gases than those powered by electricity from the commercial grid and thus are less polluting systems.

There is no doubt that for those who are both environmentally conscious and budget-conscious, sticking with your traditional natural gas water heater system is an excellent choice as it is still four times better than using an electric tank.

5. Gas water heaters are cheaper to run

The 5th advantage is that the gas water heaters are highly economical systems for two reasons, gas is more affordable than electricity and gas systems will heat the water much faster.

Electric water heaters systems are cheaper to purchase than gas water heaters systems, but they are more costly to operate. Gas can help to reduce your bills because hot water can account for up to 25 per cent of your home’s power use. Also, gas does not have any time of day tariffs associated with it.

6. Installing gas water heater systems provide cleaner water for your household

Another advantage in a tankless gas water heater system, freshwater is heated directly from the pipe. Ordinary water heaters systems heat water stored in tanks, which cause it to rust and become clogged with hard mineral deposits. As a result of the age of the tank, the water quality tends to decrease over time.

Water heaters are likely to grow bacteria, but the most common is legionella, which thrives in warm and moist environments. As a result of inhaling microdroplets of water contaminated with legionella, you can develop Legionnaires’ disease.

7. Gas water systems are quick and easy to install

Traditional electric water heaters can be large and bulky and generally have to be installed outside. They take up a lot of space and can be an eyesore. Gas water heaters have a sleek, compact design and can be installed inside away from the elements without detracting from your home.

Another advantage is that the installation process is relatively straightforward for an industry professional, especially for existing gas line homes. It is an affordable process, plus the savings you will generate mean that you will cover your installation costs in about a year anyway.

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